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Can You Ride a Harley?

On Sunday, a group of riders in Australia will ride the world’s largest Harley Davidson super-tour, the world-record-breaking bike that’s been nicknamed the “Beast of Burden.”

The group is made up of two American and one Australian and is riding to raise awareness of the impact of climate change on the animals and humans who live in the world today.

Harley Davidson founder David Kelly is part of the ride.

“The only thing worse than being alive is dying,” Kelly told ABC News.

“It’s something we’re going to take with us into the future and help the animals around us.

We have a responsibility to the animals.

They are our friends, our neighbors, our family.”

Harley Davidson is owned by David Kelly and his wife, Katie, who also founded the company.

Kelly, who has ridden for the company for almost 30 years, has been involved in climate change research and advocacy for decades.

He has been a passionate supporter of conservation efforts, and has led several advocacy campaigns for conservation.

Kelly said he believes climate change is a threat to the world and said the bike represents the most extreme of the many ways people are going to change the world.

“When we ride, we are showing that there is an alternative,” Kelly said.

“This is the way of the future.

We are going from the dark ages to the light.

There is no turning back.”

The first riders will start their ride at the Sydney airport on Sunday morning and ride the bike to Melbourne.

They’ll then travel to Canberra and start a second, larger ride to raise money for a research center for the endangered grey koala.

Kelly will speak at the center on Tuesday morning.

The event is being organized by the conservation organization Sea Shepherd Australia, the Sydney Wildlife Trust and the Australian Government’s Wildlife Conservation Authority.

Sea Shepherd’s director, Steve Smith, told ABC news that the group wants to raise funds for research into climate change and the koala in Australia.

“This is about the next step for the animals, for the environment,” Smith said.

“We need to know what the impact is, and to be able to have the tools to stop this.”

The group is asking the public to come out and support the group.

Sea Shepard Australia President, David Smith, said the group is hoping to raise $100,000 for the research center.

“Sea Shepherd is in the forefront of protecting our marine environment, our coastline and our whales,” Smith told ABC.

“There is a lot of pressure put on the environment and on the marine mammals by human activity.

We believe that climate change will be a big factor in the extinction of these animals.”

The Sea Shepherd Alliance has a track record of environmental campaigns, including the first ever successful ocean rescue operation in 2013 when they rescued an estimated 700 dolphins off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The group has also been instrumental in the rescue of the iconic whale, which has been endangered since the early 1990s.