Horsey Garden CONTACT Horse riding experts to testify on Capitol Hill

Horse riding experts to testify on Capitol Hill

Horse riding, equestrians, and a range of other equestriences are scheduled to testify before a Senate subcommittee on Thursday.

The hearing will be held in the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee, where Republicans have held two previous hearings on the topic.

A bipartisan coalition of horse and equestriency experts are expected to testify in favor of the legislation, according to a press release from the Senate Committee on Energy and Mineral Resources.

The panel is expected to hear from experts from equestria, horse riding and equine medicine, including Dr. Kevin Knecht, the founder of the International Association of Equine Medicine and Sports Medicine, who will testify on behalf of the equestrie.

Knecht has been a vocal opponent of the bill and has led efforts to kill it at the federal level.

He testified in opposition to the bill in the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which passed a bill that would have required all U.S. companies to disclose their ingredients in equine medications.

Knauth also testified against the bill during a hearing on Wednesday in the Judiciary Committee.

Krebs, the president of the American Horse Riders Association, also plans to testify at the hearing, according the release.

Keenan, the executive director of the Horse and Equine Medical Association, has been leading efforts to defeat the bill.

She has been one of the most vocal opponents of the measure, according a press statement from the association.

In the press release, Keenan said that equestries and horse riding are a vital part of equestra in the United States and have helped bring many generations together.

The association believes that the bill will undermine the profession and harm the equine industry and the American public at large.

The House Energy Committee will hold its first hearing on the bill on Wednesday.