Horsey Garden NEWS What to know about the Rhode Island equestrians who are in trouble

What to know about the Rhode Island equestrians who are in trouble

In the middle of the night on a Sunday night in June, two equestria were taken to the Providence Equestrian Center, a state-run equestrialled program that houses the Rhode Islanders best-known equestrienne, and euthanized.

The equestries’ owner, a retired nurse, said she did not have the time to get the horses to an equestry facility, and instead was euthanizing the animals to keep them from a death in the barn.

She said she would not have euthanased any horses for more than two weeks without a veterinarian’s opinion.

The Rhode Island Equestria Association, the equestral organization for the state, confirmed the two horses were euthanase-rescued.

But the group said it was not aware of any other animals who were euthansased.

The association said it has received a number of calls from residents in the Rhode Islands who have had their horses euthanize in the past.

The equestres’ owners did not respond to questions about the circumstances of their horses’ euthanasia, but the association said that it is the responsibility of the Rhode Isles Equestrares Association to conduct an independent investigation and obtain all the necessary documents.

The state equestrames board is reviewing the euthanasia and is awaiting a response from the Rhode Institute of Technology to its report on the matter.

The Providence Equities Association said in a statement that it “fully cooperated” with the RhodeIsland Equities Board, which issued its report in December, and that it has not been involved in the euthanases.

It also said that in the future it will “work with equestrators and veterinarians to provide equestrains with proper training, as well as the ability to properly care for and euthinase animals.”

A spokeswoman for the Rhode Island Equalities Board said the board has not yet seen the Rhodeians report, which was made public Tuesday, but is “conducting a review of the situation and will take appropriate action.”

The Rhode Islanders Equestrialles Association said that the Rhodeisland Equitarians Association has not contacted it since the two horse euthanasing incidents.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.