Horsey Garden NEWS A new breed of male equestrians born in Africa

A new breed of male equestrians born in Africa

TechCrunch – Male equestria are now entering the arena.

The first breed, a small, male-focused breed that will only enter the sport in 2017, is an adaptation of the popular female breed. 

This breed, called the Zebo, is based on the Ethiopian female, Zeba, who was bred in the 1960s by the American-based International Equine Research Foundation (IERF) and bred in captivity in Kenya.

The Zebos have been used for many years by some sports trainers and trainers in Kenya, including the Ethiopian National Team, which is based in the capital of Addis Ababa, and the Ethiopian team, which has a large number of Zeboes.

“Zebos are very good horses for the sport,” said Zebat Jelani, founder of the Zebra Group, an equine training company.

“The Zebbo is the ultimate example of a hybrid breed.”

The Zebra breed has been developed as a means to create more accurate breeding patterns for the domestic and international equine industry.

The breeding program is also being expanded to incorporate other species, such as the Ethiopian red fox, which Jelanei and his team have been working with since 2013.

The researchers hope to introduce Zebi breeds to the African equine community.

“We are the first breed of the zebra that we have been able to breed,” said Jelanes, who founded the company with his father, the former Kenya Wildlife Service wildlife officer, Rambat Jeli.

“Zebo is an excellent hybrid, and we are hoping that with our breeding program we can bring the Zedis to Africa.”

The breeding program has already led to the birth of more than two dozen Zebis in Kenya and is expected to continue to grow.

“It is an extremely positive result,” Jelene said of the new breed.

“It is a perfect example of what we are doing with breeding.

The zebra is not only good for sport, it is also great for conservation.”