Horsey Garden NEWS House votes to give veteran a $1.3 million disability pension

House votes to give veteran a $1.3 million disability pension

The House voted Wednesday to give a veteran’s pension to a veteran who died while serving in Iraq.

The veteran, whose name was not released, died of a heart attack at age 52.

He was assigned to a U.S. Army unit that conducted combat training in Fallujah, Iraq.

A bill introduced Wednesday would extend his pension to 70 years.

The Veterans Affairs Department says the veteran’s death will help veterans get back on their feet.

He received the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ Medal of Honor for his actions.

House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller (R-Fla.) said Wednesday that the veteran, who is disabled from traumatic brain injuries, had a hard time finding work in his community.

“There’s no reason for this veteran to be retired from the military,” Miller said.

“The fact that he was able to make it and make it without getting killed, without getting a disability, is a huge deal.”

Miller also noted that the bill would allow veterans to keep their benefits if they were discharged from the service or if they are in a retirement plan.

He also said that the VA would work with veterans to ensure that their disability benefits are “comparable to the level of assistance that we provide to people who were injured on active duty.”

The bill would not change how veterans receive VA disability payments, but it would change the way they receive them.

The VA says that it will review any proposed changes.