Horsey Garden ABOUT US Texas: More than $100,000 in new jewelry for the Texas equestrians

Texas: More than $100,000 in new jewelry for the Texas equestrians

As the state prepares for its annual parade, a new collection of jewelry for its equestria has been unveiled.

The Texas Rangers’ 2017 equestries parade will be held this Saturday, May 23, 2019 at the Dallas Zoo, where the Rangers will be wearing the latest designs for their Rangers equestrials uniform.

The Rangers’ newest uniforms, which were unveiled in February, feature a gold helmet with a silver crest on the left shoulder and a silver-on-silver emblem on the right.

The design was inspired by the gold helmet worn by Rangers’ first baseman Jose Bautista during the World Series.

The Rangers’ new equestras new gold helmets feature a new gold crest on left shoulder.

They will be available for purchase beginning April 3, 2019.

They can be ordered online through

The new gold uniforms were created in collaboration with American Apparel, the same design studio that designed the Rangers’ original helmets.

The new uniforms are available in a variety of designs.

The latest design, a gold and gold-on blue helmet with an intricate gold-plated emblem on top of a silver plate, was created by American Applesdesign studio.

The gold and blue helmets also feature a white stripe on the front and back.

The white stripe is reminiscent of the gold-and-black uniforms worn by the Rangers in the World War II era.

The 2017 Rangers’ equestris uniforms are the first since the team retired its gold and white uniforms in 2011.

The team also retired its uniform in 2018, when it replaced it with the gold and black helmets.