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Jem equestrians get their first look at new jersey

DALLAS — Dallas’ equestria team won’t be ready for the start of the new season, but the team did have a good look at a new jersey.

The Dallas Cowboys made a splash with a new look during the start in 2015, and now they’re expected to do the same this season.

The new Dallas Equestria Team uniform was officially unveiled Monday, with a color scheme that mimics the Dallas Cowboys logo.

The jersey, which was released by the team on Tuesday, has the same colors as the Cowboys’ current uniform, but has a more neutral tone.

The jerseys are also lighter than the previous year’s uniforms, and will be available to players in November.

Dallas equestries director of sales and marketing J.J. Pash said the team wants to make sure the uniforms are a little lighter and look better in the stands.

He said the jerseys will be more uniform than they have been before.

Dallas Equestries, the Dallas-based equestry association, has been a key partner for the Cowboys since the team joined the NFL in 1996.

The Cowboys and the Cowboys-branded uniforms have become a symbol of the organization, which plays in the NFL’s largest stadium, AT&T Stadium.

Pash said he wanted the team to make the jerseys a little more modern, but didn’t want to go too far from the team’s heritage.

“We want the jerseys to be more modern and a little bit different,” he said.

“It’s not a completely different look, but we’re going to go a little farther than we normally go with a lot of the uniforms.”

The Cowboys have been known to get creative when it comes to their uniforms.

The team wore an old-school design in the preseason, and this year’s new look was a bit more modern.

Pasha said the new look is designed with the team in mind, but he said they also wanted to make them look like they were part of the team.PASH said the jersey will be a little smaller than the other jerseys the team wears, but it won’t have any of the uniform buttons.

He didn’t say what the buttons will be.

Pallas Equestrian Center President Mike Jones said the Dallas Equeries uniform design will be very similar to the Dallas Stars uniforms, but there will be changes in some areas.

“It’s going to be much more similar to what they do,” Jones said.

The team will also have a black uniform with a white stripe running down the middle.

Jones said the black uniform will be made with fabric from the Dallas area and the Dallas fabric company, Dallas Parel, will be responsible for the uniforms.

“You can tell it’s Dallas fabric, so it’s going up against a lot more Dallas fabric than the Dallas ones,” Jones told The Associated Press.

Jones added that the uniform design is very similar in the style to the ones Dallas teams wore for years.

“The uniforms are really different, and it’s definitely going to have that Dallas feel,” Jones added.

The Cowboys will have to wait until November to get their new uniforms, so the team won and they will have a chance to show off their new look in person before they start wearing them for the first time on Nov. 4 against the Atlanta Falcons.