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Why you should not jump from a horse in the equestrians vaulting lessons

The Redpost equesntrian vault, the oldest indoor training ground in the world, has been open for nearly 40 years and has trained many of the world’s top athletes and world champions.

But it is one of only two facilities in the UK to offer the traditional redpost vault in which equestriaians vault over hurdles, and it is only accessible to the public.

But in a bid to increase accessibility, the Redpost has announced plans to open a second indoor vault on the same grounds.

The company is also looking to open another indoor vault in London, the site of the Olympic Games in 2020, and has signed a £5m deal to build a new outdoor vault in Edinburgh.

There are also plans for a third indoor vault, in Nottingham, which is to be the UK’s first indoor vaulting ground.

The RedPost will be able to offer vaulting training at the RedPost vaulting centre in Wrexham, on the outskirts of Nottingham, in the coming months.

There will also be a vaulting course for children, which will open later this year, the company said.

Redpost is the UKs largest equestrial training ground, with a combined capacity of about 6,000 athletes.

It was founded in 1988 and is based at a former horse track in Redridge, a suburb of Nottingham.

It has become the largest training centre in the United Kingdom and is run by the British equestrials association, BAA.

The vaulting venue will open in 2019 The new vault will open next year, with the first training sessions held at the centre.

It will have a capacity of around 1,000 people, and will have access to a range of equipment including equipment for equestrains to train with.

The new venue will be located in Red Ridge, just outside of Nottingham City Centre.

The main entrance to the Redridge vault is the first to be fitted with CCTV cameras, so that security can be maintained, but the venue will also feature a “safety area” where members of the public can safely vault in the event of an emergency.

There have been a number of incidents involving vaulting on the Red Post premises over the years.

The first incident occurred in 2006, when a man was injured by a horse which was leaping from a cliff in the vaulting facility.

The incident happened as part of a training session in a neighbouring training ground.

In 2010, a security guard was injured when a horse jumped into the vault and fell on top of him.

The accident resulted in the man being sent to hospital for four days, while the horse was given the nickname “Big Bob”.

The Red Post said the security measures were taken in response to a “major incident” in 2006.

It added that the vault was a “significant barrier to the training of equestries”.

The company said in its 2016 annual report that the company has experienced a loss of around £2m since 2007 due to injuries to its employees.

It also cited a “large number of safety incidents” since 2010, including an incident in 2010 where a member of the Redpap team fell into the red zone and suffered a knee injury.

A video of the incident was made public by Redpost in 2015, which was viewed more than 8 million times.

In the aftermath of the 2011 incident, the club pledged to ensure that all staff who were in the Redpgan vaulting field were trained to use their skills and skillset.

“Redpap is proud to say that we have always provided the highest standards of safety, training and health in the field,” the Redpoint said at the time.

“In 2017, we undertook a thorough review of our safety and training protocols and implemented the changes we have made since that time to ensure we are delivering the best possible experience for our customers and staff.”

In its 2018 annual report, Redpost said that the “safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers” was one of the key factors behind the investment in its vaulting facilities.

“Safety is our number one priority,” the report said.

“We also believe that the increased accessibility and safety of the vault should be a priority for the RedPap business.”

The Redpoint also said that it had invested in a “new training area” for the vault in 2017, but that it would not make any further public announcements about it at the moment.