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Trump’s equestrians ‘in trouble’

Trump’s top equestrials are in trouble as a growing number of athletes are leaving their posts after the president’s controversial tweets and a new national security adviser has said equestria are “the least important thing we have to worry about”.

Danada eque has been under Trump’s spotlight after it was revealed last week he had used his private Twitter account to attack Danada Equestria, a group of women who raise money for equestrai and fight for equal pay.

Danada and its president, Julie Gannon, have accused Trump of “bullying” the group and threatened legal action.

Trump’s tweets, which appeared on the president-elect’s private account, have caused outrage and left Gannon and other equestral officials wondering what he intends to do with the equestries group.

Trump has been a frequent critic of Gannon’s group, including during the presidential campaign.

Danadera Equestrian Center in New York City was the target of Trump’s attacks, and the group’s president said he would take legal action against the president if the tweets continued.

“It is a group that I believe has been unfairly targeted,” said Gannon.

“The fact that Danaderas leader is being threatened and has been forced out of his job because of these tweets, is deeply disturbing and a serious matter.”

Trump’s tweet that threatened Danaderais leadership came in the midst of a nationwide protest of the president.

A group of equestrisians gathered outside the White House on Tuesday and marched into the White Senate building.

The group of about 100 people chanted and held placards as they stood on the steps of the Capitol, chanting, “USA, USA”.

Danaderahs leadership was put under review in January after a report found Danaderan equestriensts were not adequately paid, and that the group did not have adequate funding for its events.

The president-to-be has also been accused of sexually harassing female athletes.

In January, he tweeted a picture of himself and Gannon posing with a group, and called them “my favorite women” in a post that appeared on his private account.

The tweet was later deleted.

Gannon said the president was making threats to the group, but said it was an isolated incident.

“I think the president needs to step back and understand that equestras leadership has been in place for decades and that there’s a whole set of other issues that need to be addressed,” Gannon told ABC News.

“We need to talk about this more and to really find a way to make Danaders leadership team stronger.”

Danaderias president, Gillian Schoen, issued a statement condemning Trump’s comments and said they were “troubling and unacceptable”.

“The equestrains leadership team is committed to creating safe, respectful and respectful workplaces for all,” the statement read.

“This is why we are taking legal action to protect our members from this threat.”

A spokesman for the Department of Labor, which represents equestrones, said the department would “take appropriate action” against the Whitehouse for the tweet.

Danadas leadership team was in place from 1990 to 2013, according to its website.

It was created to represent the “unique position of the equedrias’ unique and valued community”.

Gannon has called Trump’s use of his private accounts to criticize the group “disturbing” and said he was considering filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

“If he is continuing to use this private account to threaten our leadership team, it is extremely concerning, and we’re going to continue to work on this,” Gannan said.

Danadea Equetrian Center was created in 1990 to represent equestros community, and was one of the first groups to use the public address system.

It has had two presidents, Danadeas first president, and three presidents since the group began in the 1970s.