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The Equivalent of Equine Therapy

Equine therapy is an innovative way to help people who suffer from chronic pain and other chronic conditions.

There are two main forms of equine therapy, which include the traditional therapy of horseback riding and the equine assisted therapy, or ATA.

Both involve horses and other animals being trained to perform specific tasks that may be difficult or impossible for humans to perform, like riding or lifting heavy objects.

Both of these forms of therapy are effective, and the benefits of both are enormous.

But when it comes to equine therapies, there is a significant difference in how they work.

Traditional equine therapeutic methods rely on training horses to perform a specific task, like running a marathon or walking a mile, while ATA uses horses to carry out tasks that can be performed by humans, like lifting heavy things.

These differences can be hard to explain to people who are not trained in horses.

In this video, I discuss how horseback and ATA therapies can work together, and what it means for people who want to take their life’s work to the next level.