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How to win the Triple Crown in an X-factor

Three days before the Triple Cs annual summer get-together in Dubai, the Triple Ds have the luxury of a few days off before they head to Abu Dhabi for the start of the Grand Prix.

The team are not in the best of shape, however, and a couple of injuries mean they will be on the back foot for most of the weekend, which means the focus of the four-day affair is likely to be the opening day of the season.

This means the team will be racing hard on the tyre strategy, which is a tricky one. 

On the front row, the team is well set up to compete with the top teams, with the trio of Valentino Rossi, Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez all riding in a dominant group, and the rest of the squad riding a slightly more aggressive mix of bikes.

Rossi’s advantage in the standings has been so clear that the team have not been able to build their lead over the rest, which has meant that Marquez and Rossi have been forced into a close fight for the win. 

The Italian has a slight advantage in race pace, with his fastest lap being in the opening lap, but it is the Marquez/Pedrosa/Rossi combination that has been able do the most damage. 

Pedrosas lead has been growing and growing as the race has gone on, and Marquez is proving to be an incredibly tough opponent, with plenty of opportunities to attack and attack. 

It was no surprise that Marchese was able to secure his first win of the year, as he had some excellent lap times at the start and ended up on the front-runners pace-wise. 

After this victory, Marquez will look to take the title from Valentino, who is now second. 

Despite their strong performance, the other two drivers in the field are not going to have a good weekend. 

Pirelli are on a very short leash, with Marc Marzano and Dani Pedrozzini not racing at all until the first race, so the team are likely to see the most rain. 

For the second week in succession, the teams have been riding their tyres on a different tyre strategy to that used by the rest and so this means that it will be a very difficult race for the other riders to win.

The other main battle is on the outside, as the Ducati and Yamaha teams have a strong battle for second, and it will take a very strong performance from the other teams to keep their tyres from sliding off their wheels. 

Rossi is on a much more conservative tyre strategy than he was in 2015, but the Yamaha rider has not been so lucky this year, and will struggle to keep up with the other Yamaha riders. 

As a result, Valentino will have a tough time to win, while Pedrosas and Marcheese will need to put together an impressive performance if they want to get to the podium. 

At the moment, it looks like the battle will be decided by the two riders with the best tyre strategy. 

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