Horsey Garden NEWS How to beat the game of equestrians

How to beat the game of equestrians

It’s a horse-racing game where you compete against other horses for a trophy, and you must earn points by taking them down.

But that’s only part of the game, because you can also ride the horses yourself and compete in the race, as well.

The American College of Equine Medicine has just released a video series about the game and its unique rules, which you can watch below.

There are also plenty of other tips and tricks you can find in the videos, which are divided into four categories: the rules of the race; tips for using horses for entertainment; tips on how to stay safe in a race; and tips for surviving in the heat of the equestria.

The full series, called The Equine Game, is scheduled to air on ABC in late May, and is being released in a video format for free on the College’s YouTube channel.

This post has been updated to include the title of the video series and a link to the YouTube channel’s FAQ page.